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Consult your doctorhealthcare professional prior to use and if symptoms persist. For the best recovery benefit, we recommend using marc pro. Activate the body clock stimplus by turning the power switch on. Manual this manual has been written for the users of it contains general information on the operation, precautionary practices, and maintenance information. Amendments may however be published in new editions of this manual. Body clock stimplus instructions for use manual pdf download.

Stimplus pro manuals and user guides for body clock stimplus pro. The tens 7000 2nd edition digital tens unit is an otc tens device that has been proven effective in providing pain relief. Page 4 be purchased separately may be used to the same effect. The alphastim 100 is a precision medical instrument used for the management of pain, anxiety, depression, andor insomnia. You can use this device for tens or ems stimulation applications. Tens is an acronym for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. Database contains 1 tens twin stim plus manuals available for free online viewing or downloading in pdf. Youre a talented healer who needs a way to quickly and easily locate acupuncture points and provide effective, noninvasive treatment. Use of electrodes and accessories electrodes used with the device should be no smaller than 34 in diameter. Superstim pro achieves these two electrical stimulation functions in one pager sized package by combining the electronic technology used for generating pain relieving stimulation with. Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a. Madsen otoflex 100 reference manual madsen otoflex 100 reference manual, en version 75008800en. The alphastim aid comes complete and ready to use with 1 set of earclip electrodes, 1 15ml bottle of alpha conducting solution 250ml refill bottles available, 256 earclip electrode pads eeps, illustrated owners manual, lanyard, storage case, and 2 aaa batteries.

Plus tens unit has 24 massage modes, large lcd screen, rechargeable lithium battery, comes with 6 pads, charger and pad placement guide. There are two independent channels that can be used to target various muscle groups throughout the body. The current solutions twin stim plus tens and ems unit provides the user a multitude of pain relief options for nerve and muscle pain. Multilingual full color display screen and voice prompts for biofeedback.

The diagrams and videos on this page are designed to provide users with an electrode placement starting point. Precise, electronic point location, aided by both audio and visual feedback, ensures pinpoint accuracy in treatment. This manual is comprised as an essential part of the triostim. To sync ipod with itunes through the linea pro 5 follow the steps below.

Neurotrac myoplus pro tens, neuromuscular electrical. The manufacturer strongly recommends carefully reading the warnings and cautions, and subsequent chapters of this manual. Neurotrac myoplus pro operation manual symbols on the unit and case caution. User manuals, guides and specifications for your tens twin stim plus medical equipment. The body clock stimplus pro is not user repairable and must be returned to the manufacturer if it requires repair.

Free shipping on all orders and is limited to the 48 contiguous states. It contains general information on operation, precautionary practices, and maintenance. This is useful where an acupoint is difficult to reach. Best of all, weve got more than just a tool for you. This is everything you need to begin to use your new alphastim.

Stimplus pro elektro akupunkturgerat fur akupunktur. Tens twin stim plus manuals and user guides, medical. Stimplus pro electro acupuncture unit from body clock. The user must keep the device out of the reach of children.

View our manuals buyercustomer certifies that heshe has read ezultrasounds faqs page on proper ultrasound machine operation and usage at our faq page. This user manual is published by roscoe medical, inc. The stimplus pro microcurrent stimulator package includes. Tracer iii digital nerve locator instruction manual. Otometrics madsen a450 user guide, br version 75018300br. Twin stim plus digital tens and ems unit 2nd edition. Failure to do so could place the patient or operator at risk.

The manufacturers manual can be found by clicking on the following link. Save this manual in a designated place for your reference whenever required. A tens machine may assist you in modest shortterm pain relief. Triostim instruction manual please read this manual carefully before using the triostim. Use stimplus pro to find and treat acupuncture points accurately. Home a back and neck support store product index tensems muscle stimulation. When holding the unit, physical contact must be made between the passive contact plate and the web of your hand. The stimplus pro is the fastest acupunture point location and stimulation tool available. Body clock stimplus pro instructions for use manual pdf. Prescribing information foreword read this manual carefully before using your stimtec neo unit. The swiss stim physio is a class ii medical device and conforms to the requirements of european directive cee 9342 and holds certificate number. Body clock stimplus instructions for use manual pdf. Please note that the smaller the size of the electrode used.

Explore some common target areas by clicking on the body diagram below. Richmar user manuals, warranty information, and instructions for use. The linea pro 5 portable barcode scanner and card reader is designed specifically for use with ipodiphone there by allowing the ipod and iphone to sync with itunes through the linea pro 5 while connected. Tens ems latest generation combination device stim pro x9 muscle stimulation, pain therapy, massage and pelvic floor trainer. The new user friendly interface makes it a selfexplanatory unit with the interactive learning on the go, including electrode placement, running emg graph as well as many other helpful tools. The superstim pro provides functionality of both a tens machine and an ems machine. A slightly more advanced unit than the super stim plus, with 4 additional tens settings and a larger digital display screen. Federal law restricts this device to sale or use by or on. The body clock stimplus pro can reduce pain, is user friendly. Prostim services, llc prostim is a growthoriented, pressure pumping services company established to serve the well completion and recompletion needs of our customers prostim, headquartered in longview, texas, is led by experienced personnel and owned by experienced managers, employees and investors prostim provides fracturing, acidizing and related stimulation treatments for our. Twin stim plus 3rd edition combo stimulator this user manual is published by roscoe medical, inc. Marc pro is the most comfortable, versatile, and easytouse recovery device. Users can now select from 4 different modes and operate the device through 4 individual channels with 8 electrodes.

Vitalstim plus electrotherapy system this manual is intended for users of vitalstim plus electrotherapy system. Body clock stimplus pro to ensure proper operation and to achieve best results, please read the following information for guidance. Therefore, stimulation should not be applied across the head and electrodes. Customer service form clearance deals locations ordering search tracking 8007969656. The user of the equipment or system can help prevent. Prescribing information foreword read this manual carefully. The stimplus pro makes locating and treating points fast, easy and effective with a sensitive search function and 18 treatment levels for the right balance of comfort and power. With proper use, tens can provide a safe, drug free method of relieving your pain. Auriculotherapy excellence as a tool for auriculotherapy.

Advanced dual channel electro stimulation control unit. Auriculotherapy excellence as a tool for auriculotherapy treatment, the stimplus pro is unequaled. Omnistim fx2 pro electrotherapy system user manual revised 01. The stimplus pro provides exact point location and microcurrent treatment. New and improved touchscreen with full colour display. Do not place the body clock stimplus pro close to any source of excessive heat and do not use it in the presence. A 1020 minute session before activity can be a great warm up. The superstim pro is a marvel of miniaturised electronics in a lightweight power unit that transmits electrical pulses through the skin surface.

The stimtec plus combines the treatment capabilities of a tens device and ems or nmes device all in one. This manual is valid for the twin stim plus 3rd edition combo stimulator this user manual is published by roscoe medical, inc. Super stimulator range super stim pro in australia uhwg. Once on, the device will be in the standby mode, and no pulses will be produced. The wrist strap consists of a lead with the wrist strap at one end and a jack plug at the. Thats why we love the stimplus pro microcurrent stimulator. Winner evo electrotherapy devices, hydratherm heating units, therasound evo ultrasound machines, and more. Use stimplus pro to find and treat acupuncture points. A tens machine and ems machine are electronic medical devices. But unlike acupuncture, this therapeutic pain management tool stimulates your. Sunstim or sunstim plus peripheral nerve stimulator is supplied with metal ball electrodes and lead wires. Its unsurpassed design, quality and effectiveness give you just what you need to get the treatment right, every time.

Transcutaneosly stimulation can be carried out by using surface electrodes. Tens ems latest generation combination device stimpro x9 muscle stimulation, pain therapy, massage and pelvic floor trainer. Tens is widely recognized as an effective method of relieving chronic and acute pain. Care plus shall not be liable for errors contained herein or for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance or use of this manual. Techcare plus 24 modes tens unit techcare massager. The twin stim is a portable electrotherapy unit that offers the user the choice of 3 modes of tens and 2 modes of ems. This multifaceted device for tensems applications has again been further developed and improved thanks to the latest medical discoveries and technological advances. Tens unit by techcare massager plus is chosen best tens unit by wirecutter, newyork times company. Do not operate this device until the user manual, including all indications for use, contraindications, warnings and precautions, have been carefully read and understood. Otometrics madsen a450 user guide, cn version 75018300cn.

Emg biofeedback between stimulation muscle activity and tiredness indication when using muscle stimulation. I prefer it to the diferential detection and usually even to nvas which is vastly time consuming i use the vas when in doubt. Now you can get the same kind of therapy used by doctors and physical therapists without a prescription. Pulse led will flesh each time a pulse is generated. Read this user manual, especially sections 3 and 4 before using the swiss stim physio. I do acupuncture, various types, but mainly auriculotherapy and i find the stimplus an absolute must. Recommended separation distances between portable and mobile rf communications equipment and the body clock stimplus pro the body clock stimplus pro is intended for use in an electromagnetic environment in which radiated rf disturbances are controlled. Otometrics madsen a450 user guide, en version 75018300en. One of the rising pain management products on the market today, the stimplus pro applies the same principles and curative techniques of a famous ancient chinese therapy known as acupuncture.

Twin stim plus digital tens and ems device 2nd edition comes with four electrode lead wires, eight electrodes, four aa batteries, ac adapter, instruction manual and carrying case. The userselectable treatment modes provide the most popular and effective treatment settings. The sunstim pro peripheral nerve stimulator is turned on and off by. Operation of this device or placement of lead wires, probes, pads and electrodes in close proximity less than 5. The user selectable treatment modes provide the most popular and effective treatment settings. Body clock stimplus pro instructions for use manual pdf download.

Vitalstim plus four channel electrotherapy system user manual. The stimplus pro acupuncture pen is a great gadget for soothing pain and alleviating stress. Neuromuscular stimulation stim and emg triggered stimulation ets should not be used by patients fitted with demand style cardiac pacemakers. We have 2 body clock stimplus pro manuals available for free pdf download. The sunstim and sunstim plus peripheral nerve stimulator can easily be switched on and off by rotating the rheostat control knob clockwise. The body clock stimplus pro should be held by the person being treated as the.

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