The rock vs rikishi survivor series 2000 highlights

Kurt angle, mark calaway, steve austin, paul levesque, dwayne johnson, solofa fatu jr. Kurt angle vs shawn stasiak survivor series 1999 kurt angles debut. Pages other fan page dx wwe videos chris jericho vs. Wwe the rock vs rikishi survivor series 2000 highlights. The royal rumble is an annual gimmick payperview, produced every january by the world wrestling federation wwf, now wwe since 1988. They will present the aew world tag team titles to the inaugural winners. Kurt angle, undertaker, triple h, stone cold vs the rock. Survivor series 2000 i never remember this show kbs. He grabs a chair but tim white disarms him, allowing rikishi to score with a superkick. The undertaker vs yokozuna survivor series 1994 the rematch from their earlier match that year from royal rumble. No mercy 2000 was a professional wrestling payperview ppv event produced by the world wrestling federation. The united states version is produced by survivor entertainment group, a joint company created by the television network cbs and executive producer mark burnett.

Wwe 2k16 playstation 4 gameplay survivor series 2000 the rock vs. He then participated in a sixman hell in a cell wwf championship match at armageddon. Right hands knock rikishi against the ropes and rock hits a samoan drop. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The undertaker kurt angle had got a doubler in the end, ha. The rock vs rikishi survivor series 2000 highlights youtube. It took place on november 20, 2011 at madison square garden in new york city.

Cactus jack its time for the 2000 royal rumble, which was the th royal rumble event. Looking at the storyline leading to the 6man hell in a cell in 2000, the feuds at the previous payperviews were rikishi vs austin, austin vs hhh, rock vs rikishi. Edge and christian try talking debra into a title shot with the hardys but get rejected. It took place on november 14, 1999, at the joe louis arena in detroit, michigan the main event was a triple threat match a nonelimination match involving three wrestlers against each other for the wwf championship. Rikishi which is mid card and also proves that rikishi cant be a main eventer is cool.

Goldberg will likely be closing the show, meaning this match can be your experiment match. Steve austin def the rock in your house dx the rock def steve austin by forfeit to win the ic title raw dec 8, 1997 steve austin def the rock raw march 23, 1998 the rock and dlo brown vs steve austin and vince mcmahon went to a no contest raw may 11, 1998 steve austin and the undertaker def the rock and owen hart raw aug 3, 1998 kane and mankind def the rock and owen hart. That match has a great survivor series traditional ending. It took place on october 22, 2000 at the pepsi arena in albany, new york. In spite of this memorable run as a funloving big man, rikishi may be best remembered as the driver of the car that hit stone cold steve austin at the 1999 survivor series. Survivor series 2000 revolves around fallout and revenge revolving around the 1999 plot to end stone cold steve austins career. Hd 1080p wwe hall of fame showcase survivor series 2000 the rock vs rikishi all cutscenes enjoy. Now, seth does add to the match quality of survivor series and he is a big star added as part of this big match. Wwe 2k16 hall of fame the rock vs rikishi survivor. He would soon lose to him in a match at the 2000 survivor series. While austin began feuding with triple h, rikishis tension with the rock boiled over.

One year after stone cold was run down by rikishi in a premeditated assault masterminded by triple h, helmsley looked to once more run austin. Bob backlund vs bret hart wwf championship survivor series 1994. The rock vs rikishi survivor series 2000 video dailymotion. A single stomp to rocks injured chest gives the fat man control. Kurt angle vengeance 2002 5 of 7 some of the undertakers best battles throughout his wwe career have been with kurt angle, specifically during his days as american badass.

So is the wwf title match between undertaker and kurt angle. Rock says he wants nothing to do with rikishi, other than having this match of course and making a ppv paycheck from. Wwe hall of famers attacked on aew dynamite video on tonights episode of aew dynamite, wwe hall of fame tag team the rock n roll express appeared for an interview. Wwe survivor series the rock vs rikishi video dailymotion. The rock vs rikishi survivor series 2000 highlights. Team wwf vs team allience highlights survivor series 2001 duration.

At the 1999 wwe survivor series, kurt angle made his wwe debut and big show won a triple threat match that brought him the wwe championship. The fat man claims that rock asked him to take out austin, which turns out to be a lie. It premiered on may 31, 2000, and is currently hosted by jeff probst. In 1999, austin was run over by a car, and for the better part of a year, the wwf became a mystery show, dedicated to finding out who was behind the steering wheel. It was the third event under the no mercy chronology the main event was a no disqualification match for the wwf championship. Luckily, rock avoids it and hits the rock bottom for a near fall. Survivor series 2011 was a professional wrestling payperview ppv event produced by wwe. Some 10 years after wwe turned in an awful survivor series event, it celebrated accordingly with a onematch show that continued 2003s streak of bad wrestling and putrid storytelling. Rock and steve austin in the winter months of 2000, rikishi turned on his. Triple h then revealed he had masterminded the survivor series assault, and hired rikishi to drive the car. Unforgiven 2000 was the third unforgiven professional wrestling payperview ppv event produced by the world wrestling federation wwf. The rock vs rikishi survivor series 2000 part 1 video.

Ranking undertakers 7 best matches as american badass. Austin briefly feuded with rikishi, attempting to run him over during a. It is one of the promotions original four payperviews, along with wrestlemania, summerslam, and survivor series, dubbed the big four. The rock vs rikishi from survivor series 2000, highlights as always support me with a like if you enjoyed the video, share this with more wwe fans and subscribe for more wwe. Hd 1080p wwe hall of fame showcase survivor series 2000 the rock vs rikishi all cutscenes enjoy skip navigation. It is named after the royal rumble match, a modified battle royal in which the participants enter. Rock vs rikishi, while the referee is down rikishi retrieves a sledge hammer from under the ring.

Claiming he had performed this heinous act to allow his cousin, the rock, to capture the wwe championship, rikishi began to battle austin, culminating in a brutal no. It was the 25th annual survivor series event and the first one to take place in madison square garden since the 2002 event. However, please keep in mind that this match probably isnt going to be the main event. Survivor series 1999 was the thirteenth annual survivor series professional wrestling payperview ppv event produced by the world wrestling federation wwf, now wwe.

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